Fresh Installation

Looking to add a door knob or deadbolt onto a new door? Advanced Lock and Key in Cleveland can get you sorted in no time.

Let’s take a look at what the installation process entails and what you should know about choosing the right hardware for your new door.

What is a fresh installation?

When you install a brand new door in your home or commercial space, it usually won’t have any holes for the lock. That’s so that you can decide what kind of lock is right for your security needs.

A fresh or new lock installation, then, requires the locksmith to cut the holes in the door. These new installations can be done on wood, metal, and even glass doors.

Fresh installations also refer to doors that may have a hole for the doorknob but need an extra hole cut for a deadbolt or upgraded lock.

Lock types and door materials

Choosing the right type of door and lock combo is essential for the security of your space. Installing a heavy duty lock on a lightweight door, for instance, can encourage potential intruders to simply break the door. Likewise, installing a low security door knob on a durable metal door will leave you with a huge security vulnerability.

That’s why it’s so useful to talk to a trained locksmith to help you with your fresh installation. We know how to match the right level of door lock security with the door material. Here are a just a few of the different locks we commonly use for fresh installations:

Mortise Locks

The pros of mortise locks is that they’re durable, long-lasting, and highly secure. These locks are housed within a large cavity of the door so that lock-picking and brute force is less effective. This makes them ideal for entry doors such as the front and back doors of your home.

The biggest con of mortise locks is that they take up more space within the door. They are also too large to be installed in every door, so it’s important to talk to your locksmith about whether your door can house a mortise lock before buying one.

Another thing to be mindful of is that there is no standard size for mortise locks. That means that even though you hire a locksmith for a fresh installation now, if you want to change the mortise lock in the future, you may have to cut a new hole.


Deadbolts are another very common form of fresh installation that we provide here at Advanced Lock and Key. For most doors, this is a fairly straight-forward and easy installation.

Smart Locks

Smart locks come in many sizes and styles, but the good news is, they can be installed in virtually every type of door. Make sure that when you purchase your smart lock, you look into what kind of setting it’s intended for. That’s because a commercial style smart lock may require a more heavy-duty door than a residential lock.

Hole cutting

Once you’ve found the right lock type for your door, it’s time for us to drill the holes and install the lock. Some of this is done with the use of power drills and you’ll also see us use traditional tools like a chisel and mallet.

The process for a fresh installation includes:

  • Measuring the placement. During this phase, we’ll mark the preferred height of the door knob or deadbolt from the floor as well as the distance from the edge of the door to the latch or knob, i.e. the backset. These are standardized measurements that ensure security and accessibility.
  • Face bore drilling. The face bore is the hole that will be cut on the surface of the door to house the knob, lever, or bolt.
  • Edge bore drilling. The edge bore is the hole that is cut on the edge of the door. It will intersect with the face bore.
  • Latch plate chiseling. Next, our locksmith will measure and chisel out a small housing for the latch plate. We’ll make sure that the housing is deep enough for the door to close and open smoothly when the latch plate is in place.
  • Lock installation and assembly. With all of the holes and housing cut neatly into the door, we can install the lock. During this part of the process, we’ll assemble the lock as needed and make sure that all screws are tight.
  • Strike plate installation. Finally, it’s time to measure, drill and install the strike plate on the door frame. This is done by aligning the strike plate with the latch plate, chiseling out an appropriate mortise for the latch, and drilling the strike plate to the frame.

Ready for a fresh installation for your new or existing doors?

Maybe you need a deadbolt added to your home in Tremont or you ordered a brand new door for your Downtown office. No matter what your needs, Advanced Lock and Key in Cleveland is happy to help you with your fresh installation.

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Jennifer DewittJennifer Dewitt
16:00 11 Jun 23
Jim came out to are location in lakewood ohio and replace the ignition cylinder to our 2006 Chevrolet equinox since it was stuck and wouldn’t turn. He also made us 2 new keys and got our car going so we can finally go to the lake wing the kids. Lifesaver. Great price and professional.
Attallah FardAttallah Fard
18:49 05 Jun 23
Jim came out and made me a new key for my 2019 mazada. Price was amazing service was great. Perfect timing
Jacquetta JonesJacquetta Jones
17:45 01 May 23
Advanced lock and key made me a new key for my 2018 Hyundai Tucson push to start smart key. At my house best price I found. Great service Thank you
Debra HammondDebra Hammond
18:12 29 Apr 23
Advanced lock and key came out to my home after my key went missing. They made me a new 2019 Kia optima flip key on the spot and programmed it. The price was cheaper than all the competitors and the dealership. Another company came out and tried to make us a regular key for double the amount. Thank you Josh. Appreciate the good work
Eli BeckerEli Becker
14:41 29 Apr 23
Amazing service! Super competitive pricing! This is THE ONLY WAY to get a replacement smartkey for your car.So glad I found them. I had no idea how convenient and professional and affordable a mobile locksmith could be. I needed a 4button key for my 2016 Subaru Forester. I contacted the dealer and the price was over $340. I saw that Ace hardware store could make a replacement 4 button key but it would be a week before the key would be available. I called Advanced Lock and Key and within minutes the dispatcher connected me to the technician, Jim. At 4pm, just as he promised, Jim drove in our driveway and within 15 minutes I had a perfect 4 button key at a reasonable price. Do not hestitate to call Advanced Lock and Key; I'm so glad I did!(Attached is a photo with the new key in the middle and the valet and original key that Jim reprogrammed for us. They all work perfectly! I'm just blown away with how simple Advanced Lock and Key made this process.)Update: Can I give these guys 7 stars? Jim restored proper function to our valet key!! One key we got from the Subaru dealer a couple years ago was a valet key. It never seemed, to us, to work correctly. If we locked the car with the valet key and then unlocked it with the valet key, the alarm went off until we put the valet key started the car with the valet key. It seemed useless. We took the car and the key to the Subaru dealer, showed them the issue and their chief mechanic told us "It's designed to function that way." Please. Jim needed to reprogram all three of our keys, which he did quickly, and now the valet key makes sense: If you lock the car with the valet key and unlock with the valet key no alarm. If you lock the key with the remote, the alarm system is set and if you open the car with the valet key then the alarm sounds. Perfect. BETTER AND MORE COMPETENT THAN THE DEALER!!!Thanks, Jim and thanks Advanced Lock and Key. The best.
Vicki CarrollVicki Carroll
12:20 27 Apr 23
We lost our key in Cleveland for our 2013 Kia optima. Advanced lock and key came out and made us a new smart key. Great price and service
Erica HallErica Hall
03:59 21 Apr 23
Jim was very quick and efficient with getting my problem solved. The dealership was charging me a ridiculous amount for a key replacement. I spoke with Jim and he assured me he could get it done for a reasonable amount and he did just that.
Kaylyn McKinneyKaylyn McKinney
01:02 27 Jan 23
I was locked out of my home and gave Advanced Lock and Key a call, and they were at my house in 15 minutes!!! Fast service and really great prices!!! Will definitely call again for any locksmith needs that I have.
18:43 23 Jan 23
They are really good at handling the business. Get the job done quick. I had a malfunctioning key fob they gave meAnother one for free after I already paid for one. I recommend anybody to them. Get a deal as well.
Deserea WeaverDeserea Weaver
16:40 18 Dec 22
I locked my car keys in my car at a gas station. I called Advanced Lock and Key. The rep I spoke with on the phone was very knowledgeable and considerate. Connor was there in 20 minutes, ready to get me in my car. Connor was very professional and caring. Would highly recommend them to everyone. Will definitely give them a call again. They were fast, professional and really care. Thanks again Connor and Advanced Lock and Key.
Brittany JacksonBrittany Jackson
19:40 17 Dec 22
Jim made me a key for my Range Rover. Half the price of the dealership. Same day service. What else can you ask for. Super professional and Honest
Dwayne BrownDwayne Brown
00:03 30 Oct 22
Excellent work. I lost my key-fob to my push to start car. They unlocked the car and programed a new key on the spot. After they reprogrammed the car the battery died and they even gave me a jump. Much love, highly recommend if you have an emergency and need your car unlocked.
Jason RilingJason Riling
17:36 04 Sep 21
Very nice and professional from Clarissa the dispatch to the technician. Lost the key for my Chevy. Called they were there within the hour. Good pricing gave me a deal for 2 Keys. I didn’t even have to tow my car they came to me. Works great. Would totally use them again.

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